How to Fix Error 1935

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Error 1935 occurs when installing MS office 2007 and Ms Office 2010 software’s. During installation of one of the named software, you may receive an error which says that the installation has not completed successful. This error occurs because either the .NET framework of your computer is damaged or is missing which in turn prevents your computer from processing various installation files that are required during the installation of MS Office. During installation, you will receive message like this “Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly component {10CD20D2-733E-4174-9D02-2C6C26163Da5}.”

  • Step 1: Download and Run/Save the Error Repair Tool
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  • Step 3: Click the REPAIR button to fix your errors.

Most people now reports Error 1935 when trying to install Office 2010. The problem occurs because MS office requires using the .NET framework on windows. .NET framework is basically a set of features, components and functions that allows Windows application to perform a lot of graphics-oriented processes. It is used by millions of computers around the world. .NET frameworks do not come preinstalled in windows computer but it is free to install. Most of the application that needs its use provides the option for installing it on the computer through the installation of the application itself.

Installation of Ms Office shows Error 1935 due to the fact that it cannot find or use the .NET framework that it requires in order to run. Office software depends on the .NET framework to enable most of the advanced feature it has. This implies that when installing the software on the computer, it needs to fully interact with this package. However, when the .NET framework of the computer is damaged or corrupted, it prevents the MS office from installing correctly.

Error 1935 can be solved in a very simple way. First, you need to repair the installation of your .NET framework on your computer. This is achieved by going to the Add/remove program on the control panel of your windows. Another option is updating the .NET version to the latest 2.0 edition by going to the Microsoft website. This latest version ensures that all the features and functions that are supported and required by Office 2010 are available on your computer. In addition, it is recommended to use registry cleaner software to clean the registry of your computer and fix the entire problem that may be in the registry. The registry is required to be clean because it is the core database that stores all the files and setting that runs the computer and it is largely used by Office and its installer. If the registry computer is damaged, you can fix this part of your computer in the most reliable way that is possible.